Zane Ashby

Web and Software Developer, IT generalist


I've been building software and websites as a "full stack" developer for over 15 years, using a range of languages and platforms. I dabble in design and creative projects as well. I'm a proponent of Open Source software and the Free Software movement.

My commercial expertise is foremost in web development but I also have professional experience working on mobile apps (native iOS and Android), back-office software and automation, as well as a multitude of unreleased side-projects (with mostly older work released on GitHub). I enjoy graphics and other "real-time" programming and working with compiled languages (C, C++, Rust); offering a nice contrast to the scripting languages (PHP, Python, Common Lisp) that I'm using in other areas.

I love learning about new domains, and I keep an eye on emerging and trending technology. Like many others I am looking carefully into AI and machine learning to expand software abilities, and have experience running many freely available models on Linux (both in ROCM and CUDA environments) and using these in practical applications.

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